Whether reducing your in-house staff or adding to your productivity by tapping into the telecommuting market, the questions of - “who is eligible” and “how do we do this”- can be daunting. In our technological world of webcams, chat rooms, instant messaging and
VPN solutions, understanding the technology factor is not as important as understanding the telecommuting “human factor”. Selecting and transitioning your “telecommuters” requires experience, patience, empathy and clarity of your new business model.

Genesis™ Marketing

Your customized Genesis™ marketing event creates a signature experience! It is the one central and critical step in defining who you are to the audience you want to reach in a relevant and inspiring manner. Your Genesis™ marketing event operates outside and independent of your common industry marketing venues to create stand-alone platforms for the delivery of your company message. Read More >>


Isn’t doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results the definition of insanity? Whether you are starting out and need to create an ad hoc sales program, ready to ground your existing sales team to make them more computable and predictable, or preparing to retool your current outside sales and marketing program, The Bosson Group is the undisputed leader in initiating and sustaining these strategies - and we have a telesales plan for you. This is not yesterday’s approach of rote scripts and canned pitches. These are the days for the highly trained, deeply motivated and intelligently extemporaneous phone personalities. Read More >>

Our Services


  • Telesales

    You must redirect, recreate & reemerge as a more competitive & predictable force or you will become obsolete. Ground your existing sales force or design one to meet today's challenges.

  • Telecommuting

    Telecommuting is a strategy every company can find relevant today. Savvy business leaders already see telecommuting as the future of company structure & cost efficiency.

  • Genesis™ Marketing

    Synchronize your marketing to include your own signature program with a Genesis™ marketing event. Our approach offers singleness of application & sophistication in execution.

  • nTelegenz™

    Make every approach to today's business challenges quantified & inspired. Our proprietary system, when used with our telesales and telecommuting programs, creates an accurate revenue formula.

  • H.I.T. Squad

    Put a team of 3 to 8 specialized, powerful & motivated telesales professionals to work for you through our High Intensity Telesales Squad (H.l.T.).

  • AlphaBytes™

    AlphaBytes™, by The Bosson Group, is an e-tool process that gets you closer to your client’s “buying” state of mind than any sales and marketing program has ever done before.

  • Graphic Arts

    Branding, Print Promotion,Website Design and much more. We provide your vision from concept to completion. We attribute our success to a top-notch creative design team.

  • Customer Service

    Contact The Bosson Group between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST at 209.333.7786. Or you may contact us by email at